Did you know?

“45% of adults in British Columbia struggle to navigate a website, fill out a form, read a rental agreement or follow instruction manuals because of low literacy skills.”

Or that,

“52% of adults in British Columbia find it hard to calculate medicine dosage, use information from graphs, or fill out a log book at work due to low numeracy skills.”

READ Surrey/White Rock is helping to change these shocking statistics. Each small step makes a difference to the lives of the people we assist. For many, learning to improve reading, writing, and math skills is life changing.

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We have spaces available for learners in our adult literacy tutoring program.



Did you know that supporting literacy in Surrey/White Rock can be as easy as taking your empty bottles to any Return-It Express?

*Please note, only items that are a part of the Return-It System should be included in the bag. If other materials (food waste, plastic waste materials, plastic ring carriers, straws, cardboard, etc.) are found in the bags, our account will be flagged. Visit the Return-It website for a list of which containers can be accepted.

Thank you for your support!


Businesses and Employers Need to Recognize Low Literacy

Literacy is more important than ever during these times. We all need accurate information about the coronavirus and government assistance. As the economy opens, more people will be looking for jobs, promotions, or skills training.

Yet those who struggle with literacy and skills for success in the workplace, often struggle with accessing information and finding work.

Given the statistics above, chances are one of your clients, employees, or colleagues does too. But few will talk about this with you.


How do I recognize someone who struggles with literacy?

  Here are some clues that may indicate someone is struggling with literacy.

  • Avoids taking documents or printed material from you. (Says things like I’ll take them home and return them later.)
  • Avoids filling out forms or reading in front of you (Says things like I don’t have my glasses or Sorry, I have a headache right now).
  • Repeatedly turns down opportunities for advancement. (Not right now.)
  • Repeatedly postpones requests to take training, write exams, or get certifications.
  • Does not follow written health or safety procedures.
  • Does not follow emailed or mailed instructions (eg., misses appointments)

If you know someone who struggles with literacy, tell them about us.

If you have questions about how to support literacy in your workplace, call us.

Calendar of Events


January 9

READ Board of Directors Meeting

January 27

Family Literacy Day

February 6

READ Board of Directors Meeting

February 19-25

Freedom to Read Week

March 6

READ Board of Directors Meeting

April 3

READ Board of Directors Meeting

April 16-22

National Volunteer Week

May 1

READ Board of Directors Meeting

May 25

 Virtual Volunteer Information Session

June 5

READ Board of Directors Meeting

June 26

READ Board of Directors AGM

*Dates may change. Please contact us to confirm.

Partners Program

Partners Adult Literacy Tutoring provides free one-to-one tutoring for adult learners in reading, writing or math. We serve adults in Surrey and White Rock, British Columbia.

Here is a handout and poster about the Partners Program. Please post or give to someone who needs help.

Learn more about our Partners Program and how to get involved.

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia

If you or someone you know needs help, contact us

Volunteer with us

You Rock Cake for Tutors

Our Partners adult literacy program is free and offers one-to-one tutoring to adult learners.

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