Did you know?

“40% of BC adults do not have the skills necessary to read a newspaper, fill out a work application form, read a map, or understand a lease.”

Or that,

“49% of BC adults do not have the skills necessary to calculate a tip, create a budget, calculate sales tax, or understand credit card interest rates.”

READ Surrey/White Rock is helping to change these shocking statistics. Each small step makes a difference to the lives of the people we assist. For many, learning to improve reading, writing, and math skills is life changing.

Upcoming Events

Family Literacy Week 2018
is January 20-28

Find Family Literacy Week events around BC here
or ask your local library.

Calendar of Events

18 January

Literacy Task Group Meeting

23 January

Partners Tutor Meeting

20-28 January

Family Literacy Week

1 February

World Read Aloud Day

13 February

READ Board of Directors Meeting

13 March

READ Board of Directors  Meeting

15 March

Partners Tutor Meeting

10 April

READ Board of Directors Meeting

15 May

READ Board of Directors Meeting

15 May

Partners Tutor Meeting

17 May

Literacy Task Group Meeting

June (date tbd)

READ AGM / Partners Year End Party


Literacy is Life Month

8 September

International Literacy Day

October (date tbd)

Tutor Training

*Dates may change. Please contact us to confirm.

Partners Program

The Partners program is free and confidential. We offer one-to-one tutoring on reading, writing, and math to adult learners. Learners are matched with a trained volunteer tutor.

The matched pair works together to develop a learning plan. This plan is based on the learner’s needs and interests.

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia

If you or someone you know needs help, contact us

Volunteer with us

You Rock Cake for Tutors

Our Partners adult literacy program is free and offers one-to-one tutoring to adult learners.

This is what our tutors say about working with a learner …

I am extremely proud to be associated with him and he has been a joy to work with.”


This undertaking has been an amazing learning experience for me. …. We both come away from our weekly meetings having learned something new. This program is making a difference in both of our lives.”


Our Newsletter

READ publishes an e-newsletter called Causerie. This newsletter helps us share literacy news and information with our members and the public. We also highlight the great work our learners and volunteers do.

Our Supporters

We couldn't do our work without the help of our Sponsors, Supporters and Friends of READ

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